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Dear Members,

Well we are nearly there! Next Monday at 9am the doors will be open and we can’t wait!

Since my last update we have received further good news from the NSW Government and NSW Health Authorities. The good news is that we are now able to let over 300 people into the Club to enjoy all of our amenities – dining, bars, gaming, TAB and Keno will be open.

The news as we expecting came with more clarity around what we need to do to protect your safety and our staff’s safety while we enjoy our time back together. As previously advised the rules of engagement all revolve around Social Distancing and Personal Hygiene. We are very fortunate that we have so much space, both inside and out for you to enjoy and dine and drink in. One of the rules that we need to make you aware of is that you must remain seated in all areas while you are socializing. This means that you will be expected to return to your tables as soon as you access one of our points of sale and remain seated. Commingling and moving around the venue multiple times between areas has been flagged as one of several key risks by NSW Health.

For parents, staying seated may pose a challenge with young children and this is one of the reasons why we have made the decision to keep our play equipment closed at this time to avoid any temptation to go outside and play. I hope you will understand that this decision has been made in the name of compliance and the Club playing its part in getting us back to something close to normal as soon as we can.

As before shutdown our staff will be committed to all of the conspicuous cleaning procedures that we had already put in place plus more. More sanitising stations have been installed, more frequently touched surfaces have been identified, for more regular disinfecting and more signage to help remind us all about the need to keep clean. All of this has been done so you will have the comfort in knowing that you are entering the safest and cleanest environment we can provide.

When you enter the Club you will be asked to follow some simple rules and procedures for us to comply with NSW Health guidelines. These simple steps will not take long and will apply to both members and visitors. There will be plenty of signage and pathways for you to follow and our staff will be there to help. Please be patient as we work through this as the days’ progress.

Many of our promotions and activities that encourage large numbers of patrons to visit the Club will remain on-hold and will be reviewed on a monthly basis as we understand what the new normal trade looks like. It would be unfair for example to conduct a badge draw if we had to limit the number of members that could enter the Club to win the money! As a guide there will be no bingo, no meat raffles, no badge draw, no my connect draw, no birthday bounty draw, no kids discos, no kids club and our weekly dinner specials will also stay on-hold while we work our way back to our full menu and restrictions are further relaxed.

We will be starting with a limited menu plus daily specials from June 1 while we sure up our suppliers and staff levels. Our $9.90 lunch specials and Bump Up Your Lunch $14.90 (Members only) special will be available every day!

Some of your favourite beverages may not be here from day one as the breweries have also had to respond quickly to the short notice and there are many thirsty people to water. The trucks are rolling as I write to you!

Our Loyalty Reward Program will be right where you left off. Your points are still there and you will accrue points and be able to spend them as you could before shutdown – including all tier discounts and mutlipliers! This is just a small way we can say thank you and welcome back!

If you have a birthday in April, May and June your Birthday Offers will be waiting for you to use up until the end of July. If you want to celebrate with friends and family you must make a booking. Just a reminder though that bookings can only be made for a maximum of 10 people.

Finally, I would like to extend a warm welcome back to every member and all of our fantastic staff that we can’t wait to see you from next Monday. Let’s all be patient and work together and we will make re-opening easy and stress free for everyone.


Michael Brennan - GM

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