Members are notified that the Annual General Meeting of the Woonona Bulli RSL Memorial Club Limited will be held at the Club on Saturday 17th of April 2021. The Annual General Meeting will commence at 10:00am. The Club’s doors will be opened from 9:00am.

Only financial members are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and a current membership card must be produced to gain entry.



The Club’s Annual Report is available for downloading or viewing on www.wbrsl.com.au.
A copy of the Club’s Annual Report is also available from reception at the Club on request.



1. Welcome
2. Silent Tribute
3. Apologies
4. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting
5. Business Arising from the Minutes
6. Chairpersons Report
7. Financial Statements & Auditors Report
8. Returning Officer’s Report and appointment of any persons to the Board of Directors as per the Club’s Constitution
9. To consider and vote on the Ordinary Resolutions set out below
10. To deal with any business of which due notice has been given by members
11. Recommendations to the Board – General Business

Members who wish to ask questions at the Annual General Meeting are requested to submit their questions in writing to the Company Secretary no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday 7th of April, 2021. If questions are not submitted in this manner, the Club may not be able to provide an answer at the Annual General Meeting.

By direction of the Board of Directors


Michael Brennan
General Manager & Company Secretary