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Fitness Centre Timetable


GYM TIMETABLE  All classes are 45mins long

Child Care Hours: Mon to Thurs 7:30AM – 10:30AM | Fri 8:15AM – 11:30AM – Maximum 50mins in Creche

Book in times: Mon – Thur will be: 9:15AM | Book in times: Fri: No Book ins needed

Max 8 kids / timeslot | Max spots / age group (2 x 0-1 years, 2 x 1-2 years)

Timetable below for the entire school holidays:


(AM) – Mon-Fri 5:15AM – Noon (PM) – Mon – Thursday 2:00PM – 8:00PM | Friday 2:00PM – 7:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM – Noon Sunday 7:00AM – 11:00AM 

5:20 Rev N Rip Booty Core Revolution
6:00 Rapid Fire Strength
6:20 Rev N Rip Booty Core Burn
7:10 Boot Camp Revolution
7:30 Rapid Fire Rev N Rip Booty Core Revolution Strength
8:10 Rapid Fire Revolution
8:30 Rapid Fire Rev N Rip Booty Core Revolution Strength
9:25 (Outdoor)
9:30 Fitness Essentials Fitness Essentials Yoga
PM Gym Closed from Noon to 2:00pm for cleaning and sanitising No Training during this break
5:15 Rapid Fire Rev N Rip Boxing Blast
5:30 Strength
6:15 Boxing Blast Burn Booty Core

All classes are adhering to strict COVID 19

✔ Gym goers must be  financial members of WBRSL Club and present their membership card upon entry for identification and contact tracing purposes.

✔ Social distancing measures have been put in place throughout the gym • Sanitation stations are readily accessible for your convenience.

✔ Bookings will be taken every night on Facebook every following days’ classes from 7:15PM – Limit 20 people per class. All classes 45mins • 1 class per person, per day.

Members are to clean their equipment before  and after usage in class • Members please arrive 10 mins before each class for temperature check and sign-in.

Please remember to bring a towel and water to the gym for your own comfort. Any queries please ask the gym staff.


All classes are 45mins
All classes are adhering to strict COVID 19 social distancing regulations (everyone has their own station and equipment, no sharing)

Star rating means the difficulty and fitness levels required for classes: * Being easiest to ***** Being the hardest

Fitness Essentials *
Our strength based Seniors class
Simple exercises aimed at increasing co-ordination, balance and strength. Feel the difference from the very first time you attend. Stay young at heart with us as we wind back the years through our strength based class.

Take the time out to strengthen and develop your core muscles.
This mat based class is designed to strengthen the body’s deep postural muscles through slow, controlled, breath focused exercises. With a focus on strengthening our pelvic floor, core and lower back muscles which helps body alignment.

Yoga *
Increase your flexibility, strength and mental agility with our Flow and YIN based yoga classes.
Lengthen, strengthen and tone your whole body in this no stress atmosphere through conducted breathing and meditational techniques.

Burn **
This Muscular Endurance class will have your muscles BURNING. This choreographed class targets full body training. Perfect for that new member, or the most experienced lifter, the instructor will take you through a range of lifts with the end goal of a full body BURN at the end of the workout

Revolution **
A high intensity cardio workout on a stationary bike where you can push yourself to YOUR maximal personal fitness level. This is suitable for all fitness levels with motivational music getting you through your sprint sections and those gruelling hill climbs.

Booty Core **
A glorified LEGS, BUMS’ n TUMS workout.

Building strength to your legs, bum and core muscles which is suitable for all level of fitness. Designed for post-natal mums who need to strengthen their pelvic floor, lower backs and legs to our athletes who need to improve their explosive power. This class ticks all the boxes.

Strength ***
Challenge yourself in a safe environment to lift that slightly heavier weight with the end goal to GAIN STRENGTH.
NO Cardio, NO burpee’s, just good old fashion strength based classes working in 4-6week blocks so you can track your progress, lifting heavier week by week.

Rev N Rip ***
A combination of Revolution and resistance/circuit training.

The metabolic style of training will deliver results quickly, increasing your fitness whilst changing your body shape. This strength and conditioning style class is adaptable to all fitness levels. A great introductory class for our new members to help build your confidence.

Boxing Blast ***
Train like a boxer in this boxing and circuit based class.
Don’t be shy to join in. Our experienced trainers break down this exciting new style of boxing training. Boxing combinations will be explained in detail with a HIIT style circuit placed in-between each boxing round to maximize your cardio output.

Rapid Fire ****
A constantly changing class that offers you a high intensity workout from the moment you step into the room. Follow the workout written on the whiteboard whilst being pushed by the instructor. This class is broken down into 10-15min blocks using a mixture of resistance and cardio training.

HIIT ****
This conditioning style of class is designed to rapidly increase your fitness and stamina levels. A cardio, interval, pre-season sports based session which have you spent throughout the entire 45 minutes with a real sense of accomplishment once completed.

Boot Camp *****
Not designed for the faint hearted. This class will test your physical and mental abilities from start to finish. A non-stop military style class that will take your training to the NEXT LEVEL. This class is designed to be the hardest class of the week so BE READY!


455 Princes Highway, Woonona NSW 2517


4284 5789