Message to Staff – Staying Safe & Staying Open.

Message to Staff – COVID-19 Update

Good afternoon Team,

I am writing to officially inform you of the Clubs decision in relation to allowing unvaccinated members of the public into the Club from the 15th of December – tomorrow. Firstly apologies that this message is reaching you with less than 24 hours’ notice however there have been a few moving parts that the Board have had to consider prior to making a determination.

In short the decision has been made to exclude unvaccinated patrons over the age of 16 from entering the premises until further notice. The board will continue to monitor the spread of the virus in the community and review the policy as required.

In making our decision we have also considered the risk of club closure as seen in other hospitality venues around Wollongong in recent times and what can be done by the club to mitigate this.
In consideration of this it has become apparent that one of the last lines of defense we have against this is to continue to wear face masks. This will reduce the risk of any staff being classified as a casual or close contact and potentially avoid the spread of the virus through our roster to the point where we will have to close due to a major staff shortage.

Mask wearing will also continue for our patrons when they are indoors and when not eating or drinking.

In light of this decision the Club is acutely aware that some members of the public will not agree with this stance and may wish to voice their opinions or concerns. I want to let you know that you are not expected to accept any abuse or violent behavior of any kind from any member of the public in relation to this decision – you must report such behavior immediately. If you receive any calls of this nature please hang up and advise a Duty Manager immediately. Do not engage in dialogue around the pros or cons of the policy, politely inform them that the decision was made by the Board not you. You can refer all concerns to the email address.

Below for you information is a link to the message being sent out to our members via email this afternoon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Steve Newell at any time.

Michael Brennan
General Manager
Woonona Bulli RSL
On behalf of the Board


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