WBRSL invests in 100kW Solar PV System

In mid January 2023, the Club commissioned a 100kW Solar PV System to be installed on the northern end of the Club’s roof.

The project was completed at the end of February, 2023.

This project represents the Club’s commitment to the continual investment into our facilities and ensures the future needs of the Club’s energy requirements are met at the most affordable rate possible.

Sustainable investment into projects such as this, will allow the Club to grow and ensure its long term viability and future capacity.

The Club is committed to implementing sustainable practices and to reduce our impact upon the environment. The NSW Government via the Department of Climate Change, Environment and Water provided a grant to implement changes in the Clubs lighting and toilets. The Club has also implemented a range of initiatives and will continue to examine ways to lessen our impact.

 Some measures implemented so far include:

  • Use of energy efficient hand dryers in some high use toilets, eliminating paper towel in terms of acquiring and disposal, thus reducing landfill
  • Implementation of energy efficient lighting, which has been calculated by independent experts to save as follows over the next 10 years: 1,023 megawatts of power and 1,095 tonnes of greenhouse emissions
  • Implementation of water efficient toilets which has also been calculated to save 16.3 million litres of water over the next 10 years
  • Reduction of general waste thus requiring 2 waste removals per week rather than 3
  • Recycling cardboard and paper wherever possible
  • Recycling our glass and plastic.
  • Catering implementing practices to reduce food waste

Please contact the Club in the first instance on 4284 1577 and our reception staff will be able to assist you or direct your call.