Members Message – COVID-19 Update

Dear Members,

As you are all aware tomorrow is the 15th of December and our community has been looking forward to some well-earned freedoms that have been a long time in the making! This date however has posed some serious questions for your Club and its board over the past few weeks as new COVID-19 case numbers have started to appear and hospitality venues around Wollongong have had to close their doors as a result. Some of these closures have simply been because venues have not had enough staff to open the doors and provide the services that their members and patrons deserve while they isolate and await the results of their COVID-19 tests.

The Club is following the NSW Health guidelines in relation to managing the risk associated with close and casual contacts of COVID-19 positive members of our community and how this will impact our Club. Like many businesses over the past 2 years the Club has been closed for a total of 25 weeks and this has had a real impact on all of us in our community, our members and our staff. It is fair to say that the board and the management of the Club want to do everything that it can to avoid our doors being closed ever again.

Although it may feel like it is an inevitable outcome that is out of our control, it is the responsibility of the board and management to manage all of the risks associated with COVID-19 contact and the health, safety and well-being of its staff, its members, the Club and the community.

That is why after careful consideration, we have decided to continue with the current COVID-19 restrictions and will require all staff, members, guests and contractors to be double vaccinated to enter the Club (Including the Gym) beyond the 15th of December. We are aware that for some this decision may seem unfair however please be assured that it has been made with much careful thought and deliberation. This policy will be reviewed once we are through the festive season and the impact of the spread of the virus in our community is better understood.

The Club has also made the decision to direct our staff and our members and guests to continue to wear a mask when in the venue for the foreseeable future. The requirement to wear a mask will provide a greater degree of protection against virus transmission and venue closure and is in-line with best practice and the health advice around risk mitigation of low risk, casual and close contacts.

Staff will continue to be required to wear a mask at all times and members and guests will only need to wear a mask when they are indoors and when not eating or drinking.

Being vaccinated and continuing to wear a mask will HELP US ALL STAY SAFE AND STAY OPEN!

This is our best defense against keeping our doors open during the festive season and into the New Year!

We appreciate your understanding and support as we do our utmost to provide a safe venue for our staff, members and visitors.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Brennan
General Manager
Woonona Bulli RSL
On Behalf of the Board


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